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Facial Recognition Technology Focus Of Detroit Forum – Detroit News Watch

DETROIT (Detroit News Watch/ AP) — A Detroit city council member is hosting a community ...

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Exposure To Pollution Linked To ‘Silent Miscarriages’ – Detroit News Watch

(CNN) — Pregnant women who have been exposed to high levels of pollution face an ...

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Consumers Energy To Buy Hillsdale County Wind Farm – Detroit News Watch

LANSING, Mich. (Detroit News Watch/ AP) — Consumers Energy’s plan to buy a wind energy ...

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Vaping Is Increasing Among Younger People — But Not So For Older Adults – Detroit News Watch

(CNN) — Vaping, often described as an “epidemic” in middle and high schools, was not ...

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Ronald Cannon’s Cardinal Foundation clears the way for a safer Detroit for west-side kids

Diane Myrick, a west-side Detroit resident, is sweeping up fallen branches off the street.   ...

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Boeing And Porsche Team Up To Develop Flying Electric Car – Detroit News Watch

(CNN) – Boeing and Porsche, meet George Jetson. The US aircraft giant and German sports ...

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GM’s Mexican Factories – Why Ending The UAW Strike Will Be so Hard – Detroit News Watch

(CNN) — The talks to resolve the longest auto industry strike in decades have taken ...

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A tour of East Warren’s grassroots business revival

A vegan stuffed pepper shop, a new pizzeria, a cafe, and a coworking space. That’s ...

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