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School Strategies In Metro Detroit « Detroit News Watch

MICHIGAN — We hope you’ve noticed over the past year that we’ve been focusing on bullying and cyberbullying, a confounding national crisis that turns youths’ lives upside down with unimaginable angst and dread, sometimes with deadly consequences. With each story, we’ve heard poignant stories from Patch readers in Michigan and others who were bullied and overcame it, but also many ...

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Detroit foodies help to grow awareness of veganism in city’s communities of color

This article was originally published in Tostada Magazine. For eight years, Chantele Jones went back and forth about keeping meat in her diet. She had been a vegetarian for a while, but a diagnosis of a chronic skin condition in 2012 jump-started her final transition from vegetarianism to veganism. A couple of days after attempting to relax her hair, Jones noticed that ...

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‘The Charlie LeDuff No BS News Hour’ with Crimetown –  Deadline Detroit

Investigative reporter Charlie LeDuff, a regular contributor to Deadline Detroit, records his fourth podcast, “The Charlie LeDuff No BS News Hour!” This weeks podcast, presented on the DrewMikePodcast, talks about the acclaimed podcast series “Crimetown,” which kicks off Season 2: Detroit City. LeDuff talks to the producers. (Spoiler alert: They speak with disgraced former mayor Kwame ...

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