25 Bright, Musical Prisms Transform Beacon Park in Detroit –  Deadline Detroit

Illuminated, musical pylons are on view through Nov. 18 at the city’s newest park. (Downtown Detroit Partnership photos)

Twenty-five pivoting prisms that reflect all colors and transmit music enchant Beacon Park visitors downtown.

The six-foot structures are a touring street art installation called “Prismatica.” The month-long exhibit came to Grand River and Cass after stops in Ottawa, Calgary, Baltimore and Georgetown, Va.


The free, interactive exhibit from Canada runs through Nov. 18 during park hours, 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily

Visitors can walking among the prisms to see city life reflected in a trippy, surreal way and can turn the prisms to make colors dance.

“It’s a beautiful installation that people should be encouraged to see,” local environmental designer Sara Corneliussen, 27, tells Deadline Detroit via email. The 2017 College for Creative Studies graduate posts five photos at Instagram, including one shared in the gallery below.

A Toronto architectural group, RAW Design, created the vertical kaleidoscopes that create color-shifting patterns. Each structure has panels covered with film that reflects varying shades, depending on the angle and light source. When rotated by hand, the prisms emit bell music.

The Detroit visit is sponsored by DTE Beacon Park Foundation and arranged by the Downtown Detroit Partnership.

The innovative project was introduced at an annual Montreal light art competition in 2014.Two more views below show why it was one of two winners at at that Quebec event.

— Alan Stamm

Photo by Sara Corneliussen, shared with permission. [www.saracorneliussendesign.com]


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