5 Homes for Sale in Detroit’s Boston-Edison Area at $299,000-$599,000  –  Deadline Detroit

Detroit’s Boston-Edison neighborhood, once the home to some of Detroit’s biggest industrialists and Motown founder Berry Gordy, remains popular.

Robin Runyan reports at Curbed Detroit on five homes up for sale there, listed at $299,000- $599,000. Some have gone through a total rehab, while others could use some love, she writes.

The homes, followed by four photos:

801 Chicago Blvd. (above)  — $599,000

2224 W. Boston Blvd. — $479,000

2007 W. Boston Blvd. — $435,000

1615 W. Boston Blvd. — $319,000

1525 Edison St. — $299,000

2224 W. Boston Blvd.

2007 W. Boston Blvd.

1615 W. Boston Blvd.

1525 Edison St.


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