A Generational Clash in Dearborn — Islam and Tattoos  –  Deadline Detroit

By Jalal Abdallah | Video by Michael Lucido

Dearborn in many ways has been a microcosm of America’s past and its present. The largely Muslim Arab-American community in the city is dealing with cultural clashes between the older generation — many of whom migrated here from the Middle East — and the younger members of the community.

One of those clashes centers on the art and expressionism of tattooing. An older, more conservative element in the city frowns on tattoos, reasoning that they violate the tenets of Islam, which forbid the pillaging of the sacred body given by God.

Overall, the younger generation sees tattoos as an expression of oneself. Some even believe they help  express their own faith in Islam with religious symbols. 

We visited Dearborn tattoo artist Ramsey Turkmani, who is Muslim, to get a better understanding of the issue. Turkmani has studio space in east Dearborn. 

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