A Proposal to Cut Detroit’s Pricey Parking Fines –  Deadline Detroit

Parking in Detroit can be costly. Parking illegally is even costlier.

A parking ticket for an expired meter will ding you $45, and there’s no prompt payment discount — unlike elsewhere.

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Council President Pro Tem Mary Sheffield hopes to change that. She plans later this month to introduce an amendment to the city’s parking ordinance that would lower tickets for expired meters and other violations from $45 to $30, or 33 percent, reports Kat Stafford of the Detroit Free Press. 

Under the proposal, fines paid within 10 days of issuance would also receive a 50 percent early-payment discount, reducing the fine from $30 to $15. And the 30- and 60-day late-payment penalties would drop from $65 to $50, and $95 to $80, respectively.

But her proposal may not be embraced by all, particularly Mayor Mike Duggan’s administration, which contends the revenue is needed for a balanced budget.

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