‘A Turnaround of Miraculous Dimensions:’ John Gallagher Is a Fan of the Station Deal –  Deadline Detroit

Michigan Central Station (Deadline Detroit photo)

When a columnist clears his throat with a quote from Winston Churchill, you might as well put on a record with a lot of tympani and French horns, because you’re going somewhere Big, reader. 

And that’s where John Gallagher takes you in his Free Press column today, deploying such adjectives as “historic” and “miraculous” to describe the Michigan Central Station deal announced earlier this week. 

After the Churchill quote — 

“Now, this is not the end,” Churchill said of an early Allied victory in World War II. “It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”

— Gallagher announces that this is no mere real-estate transaction, but a “new era,” “a turnaround of miraculous dimensions” indicating that “redevelopment will occur as the natural and expected outcome in a city once again on the move.”

It’s actually not a bad column at all, and there’s nothing wrong with taking the high road and the long view. Your friends may whine about their sure-to-rise rents in Corktown, but there’s no doubt they’re going up for reasons that are worth noting, if not outright celebrating.

If he gives no more than a nod to the gentrification train bearing down on Corktown, well, there’s no rule that says he has to. We just can’t help hearing “Also sprach Zarathustra” in the background as we read. 

— Nancy Derringer

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