‘Alfredogate:’ A Detroit Councilwoman’s Mystery Jar Stirs Facebook Fun –  Deadline Detroit

We try to keep a close eye on Facebook, but the firehose flow gushes too swiftly to soak in. So we’re glad the vigilant duo at Detour Detroit spot a treat we missed this week.

“Social media mystery, solved,” begins their five-sentence newsletter item about “the urgent question on Facebook” from Andy Didorosi, founder of the Detroit Bus Co.


He was at a Detroit City Council meeting as members discussed and voted on a community benefits agreement for Ford’s redevlelopment of Michigan Central Station. Before it passed Tuesday, the entrepreneur posted his snapshot at right and these observations:

I just can’t focus for one reason: Is that a jar of Alfredo sauce? Why is it here on the desk?

Is Councilwoman Raquel Castaneda-Lopez going to use it to make a point? Do we get snacks? Councilwoman Castaneda-Lopez, the people need answers. 

She provides one that Didorosi swallowed, but only after playful volleys by mirthmakers posting nearly three dozen comments. Samples:

  • Don’t ever try to make sense of what goes on in that room. — Alex Atwell

  • Now I want a white queso sauce with some chips something fierce. — Joel Miller

  • I’m into this — it’s a candle. — Katie Werthmann

  • High-protein horchata? Wait, that sounds like it should be a thing. — Cathryn Bock

  • Prego protein shake. — Leeanne Atchison

  • This whole feed just made my day! — Virginia Robinson

  • Well, at least it’s not a tip jar. — Lawrie Pinkham

  • Maybe somebody is trying to conceal the fact that they were giving council members smoothies. The great Alfredo sauce scandal of 2018. — John Cuneo

The suspense and silliness end as the mystery is solved by the woman with the bewildering jar:

Local photographer Stephanie Hume, who’s among those glad the “alfredogate” guessing game ends, tells Didorosi:

“Thank you for investigating what really matters in our city and getting to the bottom of it all.”

Over at Detour, founded by Ashley Catherine Woods and edited by Kate Abbey-Lambertz, the latest issue salutes “an example of effective Twitter PR from the city, which framed the dialogue as a lesson on recycling.” That refers to this smooth response by a city information site, accompanied by three images from Didorosi’s thread:  

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