All About the Bridge? Morouns Donate $250,000 To Elect Schuette Governor  –  Deadline Detroit

Attorney General Bill Schuette (file photo)

The Moroun family, which owns the Ambassador Bridge, still hopes to derail the Michigan-Canada plan to build the Gordie Howe International Bridge even though government officials held the ceremonial groundbreaking in southwest Detroit earlier this week. 

So does Matty Moroun and son Matthew think getting Attorney General Bill Schuette elected governor will help their cause? That’s unclear, particularly since the Morouns aren’t talking.

But John Gallagher of the Detroit Free Press raises that prospect, reporting that last December, a Moroun entity called Oakland Financial Corp. donated $250,000 to a Super PAC called Better Jobs, Stronger Families that was created to elect state Attorney General Bill Schuette as Michigan’s next governor. Family members have also individually contributed to the campaign.

So Gallagher writes:

Do the Morouns, who have tried mightily to block the Gordie Howe International Bridge project that will compete with their Ambassador Bridge, hope or expect a Gov. Schuette to delay or kill the project?

Schuette met with the Free Press editorial board this week and said he is in favor of more bridges over the Detroit River. He did not directly address the question of the Gordie Howe project.

“Bill is in favor of growth, for Michigan and Detroit,” Schuette spokesman John Sellek said Thursday. “He favors a public bridge and a private one, the more the merrier. New York has many bridges. Even Midland has two bridges across the Tittabawassee River. More bridges and transport options built in Detroit means more commerce and more growth. And growth is what he is after as governor.”

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