Auto Companies Hunt for ‘White Hat’ Hackers –  Deadline Detroit

McConnell Trapp (LinkedIn photo)

McConnell Trapp, 39, has a law degree and speaks Japanese fluently. He is director of Speed Trapp Consulting in Troy and works as a legal “techno” consultant, infiltrating car computer systems and uncovering potentially dangerous flaws that would make them vulnerable to someone with malicious intent.

Car companies are looking for more skilled computer security testers like him, called “white hat” researchers, who can identify cybersecurity flaws and thwart nefarious actions of “black hat” hackers, reports Jamie L. LaReau of the Detroit Free Press: 

But finding white hat hackers to hire is incredibly hard, personnel experts said. First, few people have those skills. Then, they must be vetted to make sure they have both the technological acumen and the moral compass for the job. The need for them is outpacing the thin supply.

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