‘Below the Belt:’ Check Out Deluxx Fluxx, a New Spot for Music, Games, Drinks  –  Deadline Detroit

Downtown Detroit has a new place to play, and it opens Friday night with live music.


“Deluxx Fluxx is hoping to combine the city’s love of live music with our love of art to take Detroit’s nightlife to a whole new level,” Sadie Quagliotto writes with eight flashy photos at Hip in Detroit. 

The bar/venue/living art installation is meant to . . put you inside the minds of Brooklyn-based artist duo Faile and Bast. The touring party/art installation has been changing lives since 2010, but this is the first time that they have set down any permanent roots. . . .

The walls are covered in posters and art that was created by the duo. This includes every table, every booth, and every wall. In fact, even the bar taps and the lighted mirror behind the bar were created by the duo. . . .

This is the coolest bar/venue that we have ever seen!

At the Free Press, which has 14 eye-catching photos, contributor Ryan Patrick Hooper also admires the vibe:

Deluxx Fluxx . . . is designed to feel like a well-kept secret in one of the city’s hippest public spaces — the Belt alley in downtown Detroit. . . .

The latest addition to Detroit’s ever-expanding entertainment scene has few — if any — contemporaries. 

Video games have Detroit themes at the 1274 Library St. newcomer, which bills its location as “below the Belt.” About a dozen custom cocktails on tap are among the bar choices, with drinks priced at $3 tpo $12. 

The new club posts this at its Facebook page.

Deulxx Fluxx, with space for 250 people will be open Tuesdays thru Sundays. Opening night bands today (Aug. 3) are Summer Salt (from Austin), Hot Flash Heat Wave, and The Symposium. Doors open at 7 p.m. and general admission tickets are $14 — if still available.

“The best part of the whole thing is that Detroit legend Virginia Benson will be booking the venue,” says Hip in Detroit, created by Quagliotto and Christie Labbs.

She is the brains behind Party Store Productions and she knows how to bring great music to Detroit. She also plans to bring lots of weekly events to the space so she can keep it eclectic.  

The bodacious decor and basement-level space mean “you can easily forget where you are or what you are doing,” adds the Hip post.

There are no windows and you have to go down a set of stairs and a long hallway to get inside the venue in the first place. It is easy to immerse yourself and let go.

Deluxx Fluxx is located inside The Belt. It is marked by a green door and four Xs above it.

Quagliotto interviews Benson and the club’s cocktail creator in this four-minute video:

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