‘Best Bathrooms:’ Latest Eater Detroit List Bypasses Chefs, Menus, Prices, Locations –  Deadline Detroit

Our city’s trusty guide to creative chefs, trendy bars, sizzling nightspots and The Hottest [Whatever] in Detroit Right Now plunges into another list-worthy category.

Brenna Houck goes where necessity meets the plumbing to report on the Detroit area’s 15 “best restaurant and bar bathrooms.” The Eater Detroit editor explans why:

A bathroom can certainly leave a lasting impression. . . . At its best, a restroom can be a pleasant, memorable surprise.

A handful of spots around metro Detroit have gained a particular reputation for their facilities. Some even have their own lavatory hashtags.

Among 15 spots earning porcelain praise and ceramic callouts in this, ahem, super bowl of bathrooms are Flowers of Vietnam, Sugar House and the vivid restroom movie posters at Go! Sy Thai in the Capitol Park area.

Houck also shouts about a zebra pattern carpet at Cliff Bell’s, a fireplace at The Whitney and “textured walls and colored lighting that make [Takoi’s bathroom] an attractive destination for Instagram selfies. Fans fondly refer to it as the #takoilet.”

Lady of the House on Bagley Street in Corktown also makes the cut, naturally. Its often-photographed ladies’ room “is decked out in flamingo pink tile and matching flamingo-print wallpaper. The best part: visitors can sit on Ryan Gosling’s face.”

Hey, we all define a memorable dining experience differently.

 See the nine other choices here, along with points of distinction and a photo from each.

— Alan Stamm

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