Cable TV’s Andrew Zimmern Scarfs Some Dogs and Tapes Show at American Coney  –  Deadline Detroit

Chef and TV personaltiy Andrew Zimmern of the Travel Channel made a name by scarfing down delicacies like bulls’ balls on his show “Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern.”

But Zimmern also has a taste for a little more traditional foods, which he features on another show, “The Zimmern List,” now in production for Season Two.

The show features Zimmern’s favorite joints around the country. On Sunday, it taped at American Coney Island on West Lafayette Boulevard in downtown Detroit.

“We were picked as one of his favorites for the show,” American Coney Island owner Grace Keros says. “He said, ‘I come in here all the time.’ He’s a lot of fun. He’s down to earth. He’s a good guy.”

Zimmern had two coneys with everything, fries and a Vernors.

No air date is set and he season two premiere isn’t scheduled yet, a Travel Channel spokeswoman in New York tells Deadline Detroit. 

Andrew Zimmern makes his entrance.

Taping at the downtown landmark.

American Coney Owner Grace Keros with Andrew Zimmern.


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