Calley Accuses Schuette of Not Being on Duty  –  Deadline Detroit

Brian Calley and Bill Schuette

Trailing in polls two weeks before the Aug. 7 state primary, Lt. Gov. Brian Calley took a swipe at Attorney General Bill Schuette, his main rival for the Republican nomination for governor.

There’s too much blank space on Schuette’s work schedule, Calley charges.

Through the state Freedom of Information Act, he got Schuette’s daily calendar from when Schuette took office in 2011 to July of this year, and calculated that Schuette worked only 104 full eight-hour days during more than seven years, according to Paul Egan of the Detroit Free Press.

“About half the days are 90 minutes or less,” Calley said at a news conference at his campaign headquarters in downtown Lansing. “I think this is unprecedented. I can’t imagine another public official having a work schedule this blank.”

A Schuette supporter dismisses the allegations.

“It’s a total joke,” Stu Sandler, a spokesman for a pro-Schuette Super PAC, tells the Freep. “Just looking at a calendar doesn’t tell you what a person’s day is. Not everything is on the calendar. . . . Schuette is one of the hardest-working political officials in the country.”

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