Calley Slams Schuette for Flint Water Probe ‘Show Trials’ and ‘Gross Abuse of Power’ –  Deadline Detroit

Lt. Gov. Brian Calley (Facebook photo)

The battle for the Republican nomination for governor between Lt. Gov. Brian Calley and Atty. Gen. Bill Schuette is getting uglier.

Calley calls Schuette’s prosecution of top state officials for the Flint water crisis a “gross abuse of power” intended to aid the attorney general’s campaign, reports David Eggert of the Associated Press. 

Fifteen current and past officials are charged, including two high-level officials of Gov. Rick Snyder’s cabinet. 

“The further the trials go on the more obvious it becomes that they are show trials. They’re political stunts and it is a gross abuse of power,” Calley told the AP in a phone interview.  

“It brings into focus that much more clearly how political this whole process has been,” Calley said. “The fact that it is taking this much just to get by the extraordinarily low legal hurdle of a preliminary exam should tell us something. I believe that these processes have been dragged out because they thought it was going to be a popular election-year process.”

Schuette declined to comment, but in the past has deflected criticism, saying it’s important for the people of Flint to have their day in court. 

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