Lead-Tainted Dust « Detroit News Watch

DETROIT (AP) – The nation’s largest home-demolition program, which has torn down more than 14,000 vacant houses across Detroit, may have inadvertently created a new problem by spreading lead-contaminated dust through some of the city’s many hollowed-out neighborhoods. Health officials are concerned that crushing walls covered with lead paint generates dust that can settle on nearby homes or drift through ...

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U.S. Rep. Justin Amash, a Mich. Republican, Is ‘a Frequent Thorn in Trump’s Side’  –  Deadline Detroit

Justin Amash dares to boldly cross a line most of his party colleagues avoid. This past week, the Republican congressman from Grand Rapids seemed downright eager to criticize President Trump, sharply and often. The 38-year-old representative, who says he’s a libertarian with a firm “commitment to the rule of law,” fired a volley of 24 tweets aimed ...

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Democrats Spar Over Corporate Money In 2nd, Final Debate « Detroit News Watch

LANSING, Mich. (AP) – Abdul El-Sayed leveled attacks against rival Gretchen Whitmer in the second and final Democratic gubernatorial debate Thursday night, calling a health insurer’s fundraising event on her behalf “corporate corruption” and accusing her of employing “Republican gimmicks” to benefit from outside corporate spending on TV ads. Whitmer countered that El-Sayed, who refuses corporate political action committee donations, ...

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