Cop Shown on Video Repeatedly Punching Nude Woman at Detroit Receiving Hospital –  Deadline Detroit


A Detroit Police officer is been suspended because a video shows him punching a naked woman repeatedly in Detroit Receiving Hospital. 

A witness who taped the beating on her cell phone sent the video to Fox 2 News. The station doesn’t say when it happened. 

A group of officers try to restrain the naked woman while one starts punching her in the face. Punches flew after the woman started spitting.

The victim apparently was a patient who appeared mentally unstable, according to the woman who shot the video, Randy Wimbley reports.

“So many of them — they could have restrained her or tried to stop him,” said the viewer who sent the video. “He was physically giving her blows to the face, to the body. The lady was screaming stop hitting her like that, don’t punch her like that.”

Officer Sgt. Nicole Kirkwooda tells Fox 2 an investigation will “determine if the force used was reasonable and necessary.”

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