‘Costco Chronicles’ — Karen Dybis’ Funny Tweets from the Book-Signing Aisle –  Deadline Detroit

“Your book signing tweets today were inspiring,” Detroit illustrator Dave Chow posts with this on Karen Dybis’ Facebook page.

None of Karen Dybis’ four books are shelved in the humor category, but the Grosse Pointe Woods author and journalist definitely has a wry wit.

Local historian Karen Dybis snapped this selfie Monday at Fox 2. See video below. (Twitter photo)

Public appearances to promote her latest title, “Secret Detroit: A Guide to the Weird, Wonderful and Obscure,” take her to bookstores, libraries, TV studios (video below) and three Costco stores — a pure Americana setting that’s a stage for wackiness, surrealism and potential humiliation.

Sitting at table with paperback stacks as weekend shoppers pass, and occasionally pause, could be draining — or a refreshing glass half-full of funny observations, which this writer live-tweets.

Her two-hour book signings in Madison Heights on April 22 and in Roseville and Bloomfield Hills this weekend generated a stream of send-ups that may be more entertaining to read than they were to experience:     

From event #1:

From event #2:

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