Dearborn Police Have This Protesting Thing Down –  Deadline Detroit

In Dearborn, landscaping is unruled by Sharia law. (City website photo)

It turns out the city that various wingnuts have been warning us is in the grip of Sharia law, isn’t. 

George Hunter turns in a nice read on the nuances of policing protest in Dearborn, which is a magnet for anti-Muslim demonstrations, because Duh. Says police chief Ronald Haddad:

“We regularly get other groups who come to protest because they think we’re about to impose Sharia law. It’s ridiculous, but they have a First Amendment right to protest peacefully.”

While violence often erupts when right-wing organizations and Antifa (anti-fascist) groups converge in other communities — most recently during a June 3 Patriot Prayer rally in Portland, Oregon — similar events in Dearborn have been relatively calm.

A June 8 rally for Al Quds Day, held on the last Friday of Ramadan in support of Palestinian and Muslim rights in Jerusalem, was held in front of the Islamic Center of America mosque on Ford Road. A few dozen people carried signs bearing the messages “Jerusalem: The eternal capital of Palestine” and “Real Americans stand against Israel,” while police stood nearby. The rally was uneventful.

The community is supportive of the police, and refuses to be baited by various “anti-Sharia” groups that have protested there, so they mainly do their thing and go home without much fanfare or any bloodshed, even when they’re particularly obnoxious. Remember Terry Jones? The Koran-burning preacher from Florida? He’s been to town seven times. People mostly ignore him now.  

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