Detroit Assessor Is a Nasty Bully, Lawsuit and Report Say –  Deadline Detroit

If a 2017 internal city report is accurate, Detroit Asessor Alvin Horhn is a bully who intimidates workers, yells, kicks things, asks older staffers when they’re retiring and constantly reminds everyone “I am in charge,” Joe Guillen of the Detroit Free Press reports. 

Now, Adam Crawford, an appraiser supervisor, has filed a lawsuit alleging weight and age discrimination against Horhn. He says Horhn made humiliating remarks publicly about his weight. 

“If (Horhn) likes you, then you’re treated fairly. If he doesn’t like you, then he’s going to do everything in his power to make life miserable for you,” Crawford tells the Detroit Free Press in an interview. “He targeted me based on my weight and age.”

Crawford, 51, a city worker for more than 30 years, who weighs more than 345 pounds, tells the Freep things have not improved in the department since his complaint of workplace violence for bullying was substantiated in a December 2017 internal report.

The report, conducted by Civil Rights, Inclusion and Opportunity Department, states:

“From the interviews conducted and witness statements received, this writer finds there is enough concern expressed by employees that warrant that the administration should take a serious look into the behavior of the respondent, Alvin Horhn. Employees should not feel threatened, intimidated, and fearful of coming to work or exercising their right to reach out for help from other agencies on personal issues.”

Horh became deputy chief financial officer/assessor in 201 and earns $146,081.

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