Detroit Police More Likely to Solve Homicides Involving Whites Than Blacks –  Deadline Detroit

Homicide cases in Detroit involving whites are more likely to be solved than blacks.

That is what a comprehensive data analysis by the Washington Post of the last eight years of homicide cases in Detroit shows.

Between 2010 and 2017, the homicide clearance rate for white victims in Detroit was reportedly above 50 percent. In cases involving black victims, an arrest was made just 40 percent of the time. Homicides involving Latino victims saw a similar clearance rate, writes Violet Ikonomova of Metro Times, who goes on to report:

The Post’s analysis also found the city’s homicide clearance rate in recent years to be lower than what Detroit Police Chief James Craig has claimed. While the paper found Detroit’s homicide clearance rate generally improving, the rate did not crack 60 percent in any of the last 8 years. Clearing a case means a suspect was identified and an arrest warrant was submitted. The Detroit Police Department reported that it cleared 62 percent of its homicide cases in 2015 and 59 percent of them in 2016. According to the chart below, Detroit’s homicide clearance rate was closer to 50 percent in 2015 and closer to 40 percent in 2016.

The Post study, found that out of 52,179 homicides in 50 cities over the past decade, 51 percent did not result in an arrest.


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