Diddy Exposed By One Of Their Own excellent

Diddy Exposed By One Of Their Own! Involved In Tupac’s Death

Eminem released a diss track about MGK that took shots at Diddy. In hip hop beef all is fair game. Eminem said P Diddy set up the hit that got Tupac k*lled. In that moment the world was taken aback because another in the music industry exposed their own.

Sean Combs aka Diddy, has been exposed in 2018 although this theory is nothing new. Puff Daddy is a name that has been linked to the death of Tupac and Biggie, but according to the police, sufficient evidence has not been substantiated to make an arrest.

Diddy reaction to Eminem according to Joe Budden is he will handle it. Hmmm, what exactly does that mean? After two decades have passed, if in fact, P Diddy is guilty, it’s time for him to come out of the closet and reveal it to the world in order for justice to be served and families can get a sense of closure.

The killshot reaction has left many people questioning could it possibly be true. Is there any validity in the lyrics. Eminem and Diddy are obviously not on the best of terms, especially since Em dropped the diss track.

This beef has become a trending topic on many social outlets and a good one I might add. The love that people have for Tupac Shakur is endless so that only adds fuel to the fire. I’m curious to see where this will end. Hopefully it stays on wax and another life in the game of hip hop is not lost.

As an added bonus, the video contains pictures of Diddy living his Hollywood life as a closet gay man. To each his own. I will not pass judgement, but I do know honesty is always the best policy.

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