Does City Let Blighted Ilitch Buildings Slide?  –  Deadline Detroit

2447 Cass Ave (Google Map photo)

When some folks talk about Detrot these day, they mention The Tale of Two Cities. Of course, they’re talking about the rich and the poor.

But in this case, there’s another Tale of Two Cities: The very elite and the rest of the folks. 

Which brings us to a Detroit Free Press story by Allie Gross:

The City of Detroit’s move to possibly condemn a ramshackle house on Cass Avenue next to the new Little Caesars Arena has raised questions about two nearby blighted properties that are owned by the Ilitch family but that have not received a blight ticket since 2009.

The buildings — the former Hotel Ansonia at 2447 Cass Ave. and the former Atlanta Apartments at 2467 Cass Ave. —  are two of several dozen buildings owned by the Ilitch family in the lower Cass Corridor.

While the buildings have been inspected on and off over the past decade, neither has received a blight ticket since the year the Ilitch family’s Sorin Enterprise LLC purchased them.

The Freep points out that the Ilitch buildings in question lack windows and are not securely closed —  two violations of city code that are supposed to lead to fines. 

“The structures could have been … rehabbed and inhabited when the Ilitch family bought them,”Jolene Kijorski, executive vice president of Preservation Detroit, historic preservation advocates, tells the Freep. “Maintaining the structures aids in creating a more walkable neighborhood … in the Cass Corridor.”

Tiffany Crawford a spokeswoman for the Buildings, Safety Engineering and Environmental Department, tells the paper that tickets did not have to be issued because the city was in communication with the Ilitches and their attorneys. 

— Allan Lengel

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