Here Comes a Second Holy Moly Donut Shop in Detroit  –  Deadline Detroit

It’s Sunday morning and it’s a slow news day and we’re thinking donuts. Crazy, imaganitive donuts with different kinds of toppings and batters.


So we share tasty news: Demand for Holy Moly Donuts brings a second shop at  20301 W. Seven Mile Rd. near Evergreen, Tom Perkins of Metro Times writes: 

The Holy Moly Donut Shop — partly famous for excellent doughnuts, partly known for executing a stroke of genius by opening next door to a pot shop on Eight Mile Road — has its second location up and running.

It made its name with flavors like Devil’s Food Cake (“airy devil’s food cake donut topped with dark chocolate ganache and cocoa bits”), Blueberry Bourbon (“velvety smooth and sweet blueberry icing infused with just a touch of bourbon”), the Milk and Cereal (“rich and creamy Cruze Farm milk icing covered with Fruity Pebbles breakfast cereal”), and the Chocolate Ganache (“rich 70 percent dark Ghirardelli chocolate whipped smooth and topped with sprinkles or sea salt”).

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