Hey Johnny Lawman, Guess What I Unearthed Looking Into the Mayor’s Dirt?  –  Deadline Detroit


By Charlie LeDuff

                                                                                       August 23, 2018

Heya Johnny!

The weather here in the lagoon is spectacular. City Hall is teeming with all sorts of interesting specimens: everything from moral invertebrates to skulks of suck-ups, bloats of bootlickers and gaggles of crumb grubbers.

Just wanted to give you a quick heads up.

You got my letter about the corruption earlier this week, I assume? Well, while I was digging through the mayor’s dirt guess what else I unearthed?


At least $2.5 million and perhaps as much as $10 million in demolition contracts were earmarked to go to a single contractor; a contractor you’re already investigating for demo hanky-panky. He’s charging nearly $20,000 a house — a new record! This is because the mayor’s Building Authority decided there were no other contractors eligible to bid on the work. This despite the fact there are two dozen other demolition companies in the region.

Never mind that single-bid contracts are basically no-bid contracts and both are against the federal rules, Johnny. The director of the Detroit Building Authority even signed off on the arrangement. That’s the kind of stuff they pull at Wayne County.  (Read here). 

Anyways, after I started asking questions, those contract announcements were reeled in and taken off the table, but not before they were was posted online and sent around to all the other contractors. That made the other contractors jealous, Johnny. They’re not politically connected, and they’re barely hanging on.

All this in the same news cycle as your convictions against Paul Manafort for tax and bank fraud; Michael Cohen for paying hush money to porno stars for President Trump, and your indictment of California Congressman Duncan Hunter for using campaign cash to fly his pet rabbit first class. Good work on all that!

I know you’re busy, but we’re talking hundreds of millions of dollars here in Detroit. That’s some serious dough. That could pay for a lot of cops, Johnny. Our neighborhoods are a shooting gallery.

So keep us on your list of To-Do’s. Wish you were here.


P.S.  Come to think of it, Johnny, why don’t you reconsider filing charges against former Detroit City Council President Charle Pugh for abuse of his campaign finance account? (Watch here) You can currently find him serving a 5 1/2 to 15 year bid in the state penitentiary for abusing children. I hate pedophiles.

P.P.S.  We still believe in you, Johnny.



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