Hip Chicago Coffee Shop Plans To Open in –No, Not Midtown– Hazel Park –  Deadline Detroit

When I was on strike at the Detroit News in 1996, I was a substitute teacher at Hazel Park High School.

While, yes, some of the students were certainly hip, Hazel Park was not — not by a long shot.

Things are slowly changing there, and here’s the latest sign:

One of Chicago’s most respected coffee roasters is launching a new location outside the Windy City for the first time, and it is going to be in Hazel Park, the Detroit Free Press reports.

Mark Kurlyandchik of the Freep reports:

For its next location, Dark Matter Coffee has instead chosen the reviving stretch of John R between 9 Mile and 10 Mile in what might be called downtown Hazel Park.

The as-yet-unnamed coffeehouse will be located inside Joebar, which, in addition to being a bar with dip sandwiches, also houses a restaurant-within-a-restaurant called Frame. It will add a third element to its identity when the co-branded Dark Matter concept opens June 2.

— Allan Lengel

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