Hipster-Wannabe Bill Schuette Scoots Like a Bird in Detroit –  Deadline Detroit

When we think of Attorney General Bill Schuette, GOP gubernatorial candidate, we normally don’t think of hip or Detroit.

But here he was Sunday, partaking in a trendy activity there: Riding one of the new Bird electric scooters scattered throughout downtown and Midtown. 

In a 19-second video on Twitter, Schuette urges Detroit visitors to see the city on two tiny wheels. “You’ve heard of  ‘Free Bird’ and all of that, this is the other bird. When you come to Detroit get one of these scooters and go for a ride,” he says.

At Metro Times, Devin Culham writes:

The internet, of course, viewed this as an opportunity to take jabs at the media-shy candidate. Giving a dated reference to Lynrd Skynrd’s 9-minute classic rock jam “Free Bird,” Schuette’s vain tempt to be hip didn’t quite take flight.

Others gave Schuette two strikes for breaking the law by not wearing a helmet and for riding the scooter on the sidewalk instead of a bike lane, two pieces of information that are provided to the user via the app upon login.

One Twitter user cracked jokes about Schuette’s attempt to pander to the youth vote. And some just came to sling mud.

Here’s a fresh example Tuesday:

Earlier, author and former journalist Aaron Foley suggested that Schuette’s ride stunt marks the official end of Bird as a thing here. “RIP the late-summer Detroit scooter wave, August 2018-August 2018,” he tweets.

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