Labatt Blue Beer Cans Display Photos of Michigan Landmarks Like Mackinac Island  –  Deadline Detroit

Photo: Labatt Brewing Co.

Labatt USA, a division of the Toronto-based Labbatt Brewing Co., has launched a “Loving Michigan” campaign that includes cans of Labatt Blue and Labatt Blue Light beer with pictures of Michigan landmarks, WXYZ reports. 

The landmarks include Mackinac Island, Grand Haven State Park, Turnip Rock and the Ambassador Bridge.

The company has partnered with the Grand Traverse Baykeeper which helps to protect and preserve water quality throughout the Grand Traverse Bay watershed.

“Not only is clean water required to make great beer, but it also means recreation on the water,” Labatt Family Brand Manager Lisa Texido said in a release. “By working to improve our water footprint, we’re also able to impact our communities to help ensure everyone can swim, boat and enjoy our local waterways throughout the summer.”

The Labatt website talks about its concerns about the environment: 

North American Breweries embraces a Triple Bottom Line approach to business that prioritizes people, planet and profits. By connecting with our community and caring for our environment, we have an opportunity to connect with our customers and build our business.

In each of our communities, you will see us volunteering, investing and partnering with people and organizations that promote our neighborhoods, strengthen our workforce and promote and sustain the world around us. We believe that when you do the right thing, your business results follow!


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