Larry Nassar’s Serial Abuse Continued Under ‘Disorganized’ University  –  Deadline Detroit

MSU President John Engler (From Detroit News video)

People still wonder how Larry Nassar continued to abuse of hundreds of girls and young women on the Michigan State University campus for so long.

Nolan Finley, head of The Detroit News’ editorial page, poses that question to interim MSU President John Engler, who says:

“I was disappointed in what I found. There was a lot of confusion. The processes I would have thought would be there weren’t.”

Finley goes on to write:

Instead, the former Michigan governor and MSU alum confronted a college administration he describes as “very diffuse and disorganized” without clear lines of authority or accountability.

Or more simply put, no one was clearly in charge of anything, making it harder to determine who bore the responsibility for the Nassar mess.

“This is a different kind of organization,” Engler says. “Everyone thought they reported directly to me. Not having an institutional history here, it is not a structure that I was comfortable with.”

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