Nothing Humorous About Shri Thanedar Challenging El-Sayed’s Eligibility –  Deadline Detroit

Abdul El-Sayed and Shri Thanedar

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Shri Thanedar has been flooding the airwaves with humorous commercials. 

But there’s little humor behind his challenge of Democratic rival Abdul El-Sayed’s eligibility in the primary. 

He’ll be asking on Tuesday for the Michigan Bureau of Elections to settle questions over El-Sayed’s voter registration history in New York, reports Jonathan Oosting of the Detroit News: 

The Ann Arbor businessman told The Detroit News his challenge should not be construed as a personal attack on El-Sayed, with whom he has sparred in recent weeks, but argued a candidate with legal standing must “step up” to help resolve lingering uncertainty.

“I’m not trying to attack him personally, or I’m not attacking his candidacy as such,” Thanedar said. “All I want is justice. All I want is this issue to be resolved, whatever way it’s resolved. If he’s eligible, that’s fine. We need to know that.”

The Michigan Constitution requires any candidate for governor to be a registered elector in the state at least four years prior to the election. State records show El-Sayed, a Michigan native and former Detroit health department director, was continually registered to vote here since 2003 but had been placed on “cancellation countdown status” because of his New York registration.

El-Sayed campaign spokesman Adam Joseph tells the News that “Abdul is 100 percent eligible to be governor.” 

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