Partly Collapsed Detroit Parking Deck Was Due for 2017 Check –  Deadline Detroit


Thankfully there were no injures Thursday morning after eight vehicles fell at least one story when a Detroit parking deck roof collapsed at 1400 Woodbridge, south of Jefferson Avenue.  A ninth vehicle dangled on the edge of the cave-in, Aleanna Siacon of the Detroit Free Press reports.

An inspection was supposed to have been conducted in November 2017, but it didn’t happen, the city says

David Bell, director of building safety engineering, addresses that in a statement: 

“Based on preliminary information, the parking deck at 1400 Woodbridge was last inspected by the city in November 2015. It was due for it’s biennial inspection in November of 2017, although it appears the inspector assigned to conduct that inspection had not gotten to it yet, due to a serious illness.

“At the time of the 2015 inspection, no structural issues were found. We will be taking a closer look at other structures assigned to this inspector, (who is not a work due to his illness) and will make certain they are revisited as soon as possible. We are continuing to investigate the history of inspections at this location, as well.”

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