Patterson Feuds with Business Leaders Over Their Detroit Advocacy –  Deadline Detroit

L. Brooks Patterson: “I will not betray them.”

L. Brooks Patterson is angry. You won’t like him when he’s angry. 

Or maybe you would. Depends on how you feel about his advocacy for his beloved Oakland Country. Right now he’s feeling testy, and it has to do with regional business leaders who are, he believes, too focused on Detroit, the new cool kid in class, writes John Gallagher in the Free Press: 

In a bluntly worded letter typical of Patterson’s often pugnacious style, the Oakland leader accuses DTE Energy CEO Gerry Anderson and other top business leaders of being “self-appointed saviors” trying to steal Oakland County-based businesses for the city.

Patterson sent the July 26 letter to Oakland County Chamber directors, inviting them to a meeting in Patterson’s office Thursday afternoon to oppose the business leaders’ efforts.

A spokesman for Patterson said Wednesday that the county executive would let the letter speak for itself, but confirmed that the meeting with Oakland Chamber officials would take place Thursday.

The July 26 letter, displayed by the Freep, accuses “self-appointed saviors” of forming an “economic partnership” that would serve as sort of a shadow chamber of commerce to direct business investment to Detroit, rather than Oakland. 

There’s more, but you should click the Freep link below and read. 

“It’s rare for a regional political leader to break so openly with major business leaders,” Gallagher notes. Promoting his article, he tweets:

Yep, you can say that again. But LBP worked very hard throughout his career for Oakland’s economic dominance in the region, and he doesn’t give it up without a fight. 

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