Radio Hosts Praised Shri Thanedar on 910 AM While He Paid Them as Consultants –  Deadline Detroit

The word “ethics” and Superstation 910 AM radio don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand.

Rev. David Bullock was removed from the station in May. 

Some program hosts has felony convictions before getting hired, had felony convictions or were guilty of ethical transgressions that cost them their jobs. Some of those hosts have since been removed. 

Now comes this report from Jonathan Oosting of The Detroit News:

Two high-profile Detroit activists who endorsed Shri Thanedar for governor were paid campaign consultants at the same time they hosted and praised the Democrat on their radio shows earlier this year, raising ethical questions about the media appearances.

The Rev. David Alexander Bullock, who Thanedar would later officially hire as his campaign manager, was first paid as a consultant in late April, according to a revised state disclosure report Thanedar filed Sunday evening, two days ahead of the Democratic primary.

The report shows Bullock and a group linked to the Rev. Horace Sheffield were paid for consulting work around the same time they each hosted or praised him on their Superstation 910 AM talk radio shows, effectively giving him free publicity in the Metro Detroit market.

Station owner Kevin Adell says Monday afternoon that he is suspending Sheffield from the station, pending further investigation. Sheffield had told him he was not getting money from the Thanedar campaign, Adell said.

The station removed Bullock from its lineup when Thanedar named him campaign manager in late May

Adell tells the papern his station now requires hosts to tell management about campaign connections. He said Monday Sheffield, who assured him he was not getting money from the Thanedar campaign, is being suspeneded from the station pending an investigation into the matter. Bullock was removed fromt he station in May when it was announced he was Thanedar’s campaign manager. 

“If you have some sort of financial or any other sort of relationship with an individual who’s in a political campaign you have an obligation to be up front and honest,” Jane Briggs Bunting, a former School of Journalism director at Michigan State University and head of the Michigan Coalition for Open Government, tells the paper. “If you’re getting paid as a consultant, that should be discussed, and then the individual listeners have an added fact to consider when they’re deciding how valid or valuable your talk show or information was.”


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