Schuette Team Snubs Calley, Declines His Endorsement For Governor  –  Deadline Detroit

Brian Calley and Bill Schuette

Gov. Rick Snyder withheld his endorsement this week for Attorney General Bill Schuette who won the Republican race on Tuesday for governor.

Then on Wednesday, Schuette’s team snubbed Lt. Gov. Brian Calley.

Calley tells Paul Egan of Detroit Free Press Thursday that he hoped to take the stage Wednesday at a unity rally in Grand Rapids and publicly endorse the nominee, but the Schuette team declined.

“In the closing days leading up to the election, we did offer to come to the unity event and to participate in the program, publicly giving my support for the Republican nominee,” Calley said.

“I reiterated that offer when I called to congratulate Mr. Schuette on his hard-fought win Election Night. While that offer was later declined, I still felt it was important to attend the rally in a show of unity.”


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