‘Shocked to See a Picture of Myself and Gretchen Whitmer on a Mailer’ –  Deadline Detroit

Gretchen Whitmer and Rev. Alexander Bullock

Rev. Alexander Bullock doesn’t back Democrat Gretchen Whitmer for governor. Yet a flyer sent on her behalf this past week with a picture of herself and the civil rights advocate and radio host.

“I was shocked to see a picture of myself and Gretchen Whitmer on a campaign mailer,” Bullock says when Motor City Muckraker shows him the item. Steve Neavling reports:

A deceptive political flyer in support of gubernatorial candidate Gretchen Whitmer appears to violate state law and is confusing voters.

The flyer, which began appearing in mailboxes Friday, shows Whitmer looming large in Lansing next to Rev. Alexander Bullock, who is the campaign manager for one of her Democratic opponents, Shri Thanedar.

The pamphlet was financed and sent out by the AFL-CIO, which is endorsing the apparent frontrunner. But the union never received the required permission from Bullock, a popular civil rights advocate and radio host.

Neavling notes that the 2012 photo, shown under the words “Fix the damn roads,” was taken in Lansing during a rally in opposition to an anti-union Right to Work ballot proposal.

Whitmer spokesman Zack Pohl suggests to Neavling that Thanedar’s campaign was picking “a fight” with the union, even though Bullock only responded to the deception after Muckraker alerted him to the mailer.

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