‘Thanks, Lansing!’ Billboards Mock Lawmakers For Skyrocketing Auto Insurance –  Deadline Detroit

Photo: Detroiters for Change.

Jonathan Oosting at the Detroit News looks into the “Thanks, Lansing!” billboards that started appearing around town in recent weeks, complaining about Detroit’s highest-in-the-nation auto insurance rates. They are the work of Detroiters for Change, a nonprofit organization “not required to disclose donors” that backs a “driver’s choice” program “similar to the one backed last fall by Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan,” Oosting writes.

Detroiters for Change advocates that motorists be given the option of buying policies with a range of coverage and a number of premium-lowering features that address unique features of Michigan auto insurance, including the opportunity to opt out of some medical coverage and the right to sue at-fault drivers. 

“The mayor supports the message the billboards are sending to Lansing that people all over Michigan are paying outrageous amounts for auto insurance and it’s up to our legislators to fix it,” Detroit chief operations officer Dave Massaron said of the campaign. 

From Detroiters For Change website.


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