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(Detroit News Watch) – With little over a month to go before people head to the polls and vote for a new governor, and other elected jobs in state government, the “Michigan Matters” roundtable dived into a riveting discussion of those races.

image31 Michigan Matters: Election 2018: the Bumpy Home Stretch

Susy Avery, Co-Director of the Michigan Political Leadership Program, Denise Ilitch, CEO of Ilitch Enterprises, and Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson joined Senior Producer/Host Carol Cain to share their thoughts.

image22 Michigan Matters: Election 2018: the Bumpy Home Stretch

Mary Treder Lang, Republican candidate for Secretary of State, also appeared with Cain in a one-on-one to talk about her campaign and where she stood on some issues. She is running against Democrat Jocelyn Benson, who has also been invited to appear on a future show.

Voters will decide on a new governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General and countless other elected positions at the state and local level and also issues such as legalizing recreational marijuana.

On other topics, the round table also discussed a little sports.

Ilitch, whose family owns the Detroit Tigers, dismissed reports that the team purchased by her late father, Mike Ilitch, is for sale. The rumor mill has been churning over reports Dan Gilbert, who owns the NBA Cleveland Cavaliers, is possibly interested in buying the MLB team.

The panel also shared their awe and admiration of Tiger Woods who won the PGA Tour Championship last weekend – only a year after he underwent surgery and it wasn’t clear if he’d ever golf again.

Avery, former chairwoman of the Michigan GOP and a weekend golfer, said there is no one like Woods who inspires the golfing world.

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