‘The Mitten Is Gone!’ A University Posts the Oddest Michigan Outline We’ve Ever Seen –  Deadline Detroit

Our state’s outline is far less precise than percentage carried to one decimal point. (University of Pennsylvania graphic)

This map with a grotesquely mishapen Michigan outline isn’t a beginners’ graphics exercise or an Ohio designer’s cross-border prank. The cartography calamity comes from the University of Pennsylvania.

It’s posted by the Institute of Health Economics at that Ivy League campus, accompanying a study on hospital emergency room opioid prescriptions for ankle sprains. 

The good news: Michigan’s prescription rate for those limping patients in 2014-15 is under 12 percent — below the national average. The painful side: An unnamed mapmaker renders our state as a kind of Salvador Dali-style melting blob.

The sunrise side’s Thumb region has fallen into Lake Huron, evidently. More dramatically, the Straits of Mackinac no longer exist in this nightmare vision and the Upper Peninsula has fused with the Lower. Lake Michigan and Lake Superior also are gone.

This distorted perspective, published two weeks ago, now draws bemused attention from a health policy scholar at Harvard with first-hand knowledge of geography here. Adrianna McIntyre, a doctoral student who has worked in Detroit and earned University of Michigan degrees in 2011 and 2015, tweets:

An emergency room physician in Chicago quips:

Others also crack wise in the thread started Tuesday by McIntyre, who worked for a summer in the Detroit mayor’s office on a public service fellowship five years ago and earlier helped with clinical research regulation at Wayne State University’s School of Medicine: 

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