‘This Isn’t Politics:’ Judge Calls MSU’s Engler a ‘Bully’ Who Should Step Down –  Deadline Detroit

Rosemarie Aquilina: “This isn’t politics.” (Court photo)

Saying he acted like a “bully” to a victim in public, Judge Rosemarie Aquilina says Michigan State University’s interim president needs to go.

Aquilina, who let 168 women and girls testify early this year in her Ingham County courtroom about being sexually abused by Larry Nassar, says John Engler is the wrong person to lead the university as it works to help survivors heal and change its culture, Kim Kozlowski writes at The Detroit News.

The judge, who sentenced Nassar to 175 years in prison in January, made her remarks Wednesday before her keynote address at Detroit’s fifth annual Women in Blue breakfast to honor the service of the women in the city’s police and fire departments.

“He’s been more interested in putting his people in the university than looking at the problems,” said Aquilina, referring to political allies  Engler has hired for top positions. “First and foremost, you look at the problems and then you place the right people, not political people, but the right people.

“This isn’t politics,” Aquilina says. “Michigan State is not the House or the Senate, where you need Republicans and Democrats. We need good educators for our children This is our future. It’s a mainstay in our state and unfortunately he’s made it a political playground. That is wrong.”

MSU spokeswoman Emily Guerrant tells the paper:  

“Interim President Engler is focused on making improvements to MSU’s campus and policies surrounding patient care, sexual assault prevention and treatment. He is focused on changes to make MSU the safest and most inclusive place for students and faculty.”

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