Thousands of Detroit Students Denied Daily Recess –  Deadline Detroit

Photo by Paul Bonafide Eferianor


As a kid, recess is like a fundabmental right in life. Who’s take away that?

Welll, more than 6,000 children were denied daily recess, a time to stretch and expend engergy, according to records obtained by Chalkbeat Detroit, an education news site.

Recess did not appear on the master schedules of nine elementary schools in the Detroit Public Schools Community District last year. Another eight district schools set aside recess time for students in only a few grades, writes Koby Levin.

Play breaks help students learn in ways that are not possible in classrooms, says Kathleen Burris, an expert on play at Middle Tennessee State University. “Administrators who diminish recess to provide for more instructional time miss a significant learning opportunity,” she tells the local reporter.

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