Thrillist Ranks Detroit Instutute of Bagels Among the 11 ‘Best’ Outside New York  –  Deadline Detroit

Detroit Institute of Bagels photo.

While in New York last weekend, I posted Facebook photos from two Manhattan bagel shops: Zuckers on Lexington and Pick-a-Bagel on 8th Avenue. 

One friend responded: “Go up to Bagelworks on 1st, and compare.” Another suggested I try Ess-a-bagel on 3rd Avenue.

In other words, people have their favorites.

Now a Manhattan writer for Thrillist, Wil Fulton, includes the Detroit Institute of Bagels on Michigan Avenue in Detroit’s Corktown on its list of 11 “Best Bagel Shops in America That Aren’t in New York.”

Despite sounding like an online school for bagel makers, this family-run bagel shop started off in an apartment kitchen — before business blew up, and they decided to turn a 19th-century Corktown building into Michigan’s premiere bagel shop.

They boil their handmade bagels every day, and feature flavors varying from blueberry ricotta to bacon cheddar. And — despite being untraditional — they have a selection of bagel-ready jams to schmear on your bagel of choice. It’s a serious name for a serious bagel joint.

I think the Detroit Institute of Bagels is good, and as a Detroiter, I’m grateful there’s a genuine bagel shop within city limits.

But I have to say that New York Bagel on Woodward Avenue in Ferndale is the best in Metro Detroit and beyond. Period. 

Thrillist misses the mark by excluding that choice, which also is in Southfield and West Bloomfield.  

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