Tigers Lose 8th in a Row; Drop 9 Games Under .500 –  Deadline Detroit

Update: 11:28 p.m. Wednesday — The Tigers lost to the Oakland Athletics 3-0 on Wednesday night at Comerica Park. It was the eighth loss in a row. The team is now nine games under .500. and is nine games out of first place. 


Report From Wednesday Morning

Not so long ago, the Tigers were closing in on first place and close to playing .500 ball. Then came the slump.

On Tuesday night, before a home crowd at Comerica Park, the Tigers dropped their seventh straight game, losing to the Oakland Athletics 9-7. 

The Tigers were leading 6-0 and then later 7-3, but that wasn’t enough.

Now, the Tigers are 36-44 and eight games out of first in the weak Central Division.

Frankly, the Tigers are playing like most fans expected. There were low expectation from the get-go, and for a while the Tigers played much better than anticipated.

Still, it comes as no surprise that the team is in the midst of a losing streak. And there’s little likelihood of the Tigers playing .500 ball, even if they get hot again.

Oh well, the Lions’ season isn’t that far off. 

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