Tower Center, an Obscure Little Mall on Detroit’s West Side, Finds New Life  –  Deadline Detroit

Tower Center at Granbd River and Greeenfield (Google Maps photo)

The corner of Grand River and Greenfield has looked rundown for decades. But something is percolating there, wrties JC Reindl of the Detroit Free Press: 

A little-known enclosed shopping mall on Detroit’s west side that has barely survived is now on the brink of revitalization after landing a major tenant for an empty department store that closed in the 1980s.

Tower Center mall, 15400 Grand River at the corner of Greenfield, will be the newest Michigan location for fast-growing discount retailer Forman Mills, which is preparing to open a roughly 45,000-square-foot store in a section of the mall that once housed Montgomery Ward.

The store’s planned Nov. 2 grand opening would mark the biggest development in years for the onetime Detroit retailing landmark whose last extensive renovation was in 1984. Many city residents are unaware that the small urban mall even exists.

It is always heartening to see new commerce develop outside of downtown and Midtown. 

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