Trump’s Ride-or-Die Squad in Michigan Amounts to 30 Percent of Likely Voters –  Deadline Detroit

President Trump in Macomb County.

Polls — good ones — are expensive, and The Detroit News is trickling out a number of stories attached to the paper’s most recent effort to gauge public opinion on state issues.

On Thursday, there’s good news for Trump-haters: 63 percent of 600 likely voters polled believe the Mueller probe of President Trump has merit. Only 31 percent don’t support it. What’s more,

About 46 percent “strongly” favor the probe despite President Donald Trump’s frequent criticism of the inquiry as a tainted “witch hunt.”

And what’s more:

The News poll also found a significant portion — 41 percent of voters — support U.S. House impeachment hearings for Trump.

Ouch. Maybe not a good time for GOP candidates to have lashed themselves quite so tightly to the president’s agenda.

Elsewhere in the paper Thursday, a survey with oddly similar proportions, on a different topic:

Most poll respondents disagreed with Trump that the media are the “enemy of the people,” but a majority of loyal Republicans and Fox News viewers agreed, according to a Sept. 5-7 poll of 600 likely Michigan voters conducted for The Detroit News and WDIV-TV.

“Republicans and Democrats have been complaining about the media for as long as there’s been politics,” said pollster Richard Czuba of the Glengariff Group. Inc, which conducted the survey. “But at no time, at least not in my lifetime, do I remember anybody singling out the media as dangerous to democracy and having their voters agree with them.”

So the hard-core Trump-supporting, media-hating right amounts to about 30 percent of this sample. And he still won Michigan.

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