‘Try Harder Next Time, and Don’t Mislead’ –  Deadline Detroit

Pick the right facts before picking a public fight. If that’s not a state Republican Party social media guideline, it should be.

One of its social media producers got sloppy Monday afternoon and downloaded an old map of irregularly shaped congressional districts in Los Angeles County. It’s tweeted in an effort to deride pushes in Michigan and elsewhere to redraw districts as a way to combat gerrymandering (politically manipulated boundaries).

The party tweet below reacts to an endorsement of Michigan redistricting advocates earlier in the day by Arnold Schwarzenegger, former Republican governor of California (2003-11). 

The poke from party headquaters in Lansing tags the ex-governor, a Crain’s Detroit Business reporter who tweeted about his endorsement and the Voters Not Politicians group that gathered enough voter signatures for a November referendum in Michigan. 

That first tag backfires in less than 50 minutes:

The actor-turned-politician also pokes Michigan Republicans on Facebook: “Parties will do everything to maintain the status quo of gerrymandering. Except use Google, apparently.”

Turns out the map posted by a party functionary is from 2002-12 — before an independent commission redrew Los Angeles County’s lines.

It remains on Twitter more than four and a half hours after being posted, with no response to Schwarzenegger and other critics as an entertaining pile-on takes place:

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