Two Detroit Women Fight Back with Gunfire During Attack in Jamaican Hotel  –  Deadline Detroit

The Hotel Riu Reggae in Montego Bay, Jamaica. (Hotel photo)

Two Detroit women were attacked in their Montego Bay room on the last night of a Jamaican vacation by a man who came over their balcony at the Hotel Riu Reggae, the Free Press reports.The two were robbed and raped, but one grabbed the attacker’s gun and shot him twice in the arm. 

The women were relaxing in their room when Dowe allegedly burst in from the balcony, brandishing a weapon stolen from another hotel guest. After raping them both, he put the gun down on the bed. One woman was able to grab it and fired at him, hitting him twice. He escaped over the balcony, Tresa Baldas writes:

According to Montego Bay police, the suspect is a 24-year-old hotel employee named Scott Dowe who had worked at Hotel Riu Reggae just three days before the attack occurred. He is a dancer who worked for an entertainment company that performed at the hotel.

He was arrested on Friday after checking himself into a Jamaican hospital, where medical staff alerted the authorities about a shooting victim. He is in custody and charges are expected, police said. He has an initial court appearance on Tuesday morning.

The hotel manager declined to comment, citing the investigation. The women were offered full refunds on their $1,200 hotel bill. As for the court case against Dowe:

Ed Zelenak, a Michigan-based attorney who serves as legal counsel to the St. James Police Civic Committee in Jamaica, said he was surprised to learn of the attack.

“Jamaica has a slower judicial system than the U.S.,” Zelenak said, adding he expects the U.S. government to get involved. “The U.S. and Jamaican courts and governments have a good relationship,” he said. “It’s a sad case, but justice will be served.”

The women are recovering at home. 

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