Underground Partygoers Blame Freep For Ruining Their Fun  –  Deadline Detroit

Some attendees of a popular underground party at Detroit’s Lincoln Street Art Park are blaming the Detroit Free Press for cops breaking up their event early Thursday morning. 

Devin Culham of Metro Times reports:

Sources familiar with the situation say Detroit police descended on the Northwest Goldberg industrial center-turned-sculpture park at approximately 1:40 a.m. to break up the late night gathering, a monthly word-of-mouth underground event which has regularly occurred since 2014. The incident follows a culture feature published in The Detroit Free Press last month, titled “A dusk-to-dawn party in Detroit you’ve probably never heard about,” which included gratuitous details noting the presence of marijuana and “whip-its” while at the same time noting that organizers had not wanted to publicize the event. 

Police with flashlights broke up the event, but made no arrests, Metro Times reports: 

Still, now that the dust has settled, some partygoers are angry that one of the city’s hidden gems was narc’d out by the Freep. There’s even a photo circulating on social media of the writer with a caption stating, “Keep this one out of your next underground event.”

Freep reporter Meira Gebel wrote this on Sept. 28 about the event:

This is Lincoln Street Art Park’s monthly Full Moon party — a dusk-to-dawn rager filled with music, art, community and party antics. The two owners of the park don’t publicize the event, and don’t want to, other than a Facebook post a couple of hours beforehand, probably because of the party’s ability to swell in size. On a clear, summer night, it can garner thousands, but on a recent rainy Monday, a harvest moon, there were, at most, 300. It’s a mix of newcomers, college kids and techno heads.

The park is located on its namesake street, crossing with Trumbell Avenue, across the highway from Wayne State University. Now an nontraditional sculptural park and recycling center, Lincoln Street Art Park was formerly an abandoned industrial site.

Colorful graffiti wraps the walls of the park, metal structural art installations are scattered throughout.

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