Vespa Dealer to Bring Pop-Up Scooter Store to Fisher Building –  Deadline Detroit

Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck are not standard equipment. (“Roman Holiday” screen capture)

A fashionable scooter will be sold at a fashionable pop-up near, yes, a fashionable boutique in the Fisher building.

Vespa, the Italian ur-scooter that Audrey Hepburn rode in “Roman Holiday” — and dozens of other actors have ridden in many other films — will experiment with a six-month post near Rachel Lutz’ Peacock Room, the Free Press reports. 

Joe Ricci Automotive Group, Vespa’s local dealer, partners with Lutz to set up the storefront.

“Vespa is one of the most recognized scooters in the world,” Ricci said in a news release. “As we see trends continue to evolve in vehicle ownership and personal mobility, I’ve been contemplating opening a Vespa store in Detroit. Rachel has given us the perfect venue to ‘test-drive’ the concept.”

Lutz, a Vespa owner and brand evangelist, describes the pairing 

“Not only is my Vespa a mode of transportation, I consider it a fashion accessory and a sense of empowerment,” she said. “There is nothing like experiencing the city on two wheels.”

If the pop-up is successful, Vespa could open a permanent store in the Fisher retail space, Ricci said.

They are cute as hell, but please, wear a helmet. 

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