Want to Wear a Uniform? This is Your Time, at Least in Detroit –  Deadline Detroit

You can’t park there, sorry.

The 7.2 has come a long way since the days when leaving your car parked for any length of time required a Club, an alarm and a prayer. 

Much of that is due to security guards, hired to protect and soothe the customers of all those new artisanal restaurants, bars and hot spots. And their ranks are growing. 

JC Reindl reports in the Free Press on the rapid growth in security jobs in the downtown area. With every new chic storefront, it seems, a few new position opens for imposing people willing to work for not much pay, but at least a little satisfaction in helping keep the peace in what used to be some fairly dodgy areas. Writes Reindl:

Private guard contractors hold regular hiring events that attract dozens of Detroiters seeking a primary or second job.

The jobs do pay better than working fast food or some retail positions. The larger security firms also offer optional health care plans and opportunities to advance into managerial ranks.

Still, few are getting rich working downtown security. The pay at security firms typically starts at just above Michigan’s $9.25 hourly minimum wage. (Wages are higher for armed guards.) And the relatively low wage ceiling for some positions can lead to high employee turnover, especially as the unemployment rate continues to fall.

The report leaves unaddressed one of the great etiquette questions of modern Detroit: To tip or not to tip the guy watching the parking lot? (We default to tipping, especially on cold nights.)

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