Watch the New ‘White Boy Rick’ Trailer Starring Matthew McConaughey  –  Deadline Detroit

A screenshot from the video

Matthew McConaughey plays Richard Wershe Jr.’s dad Richard Wershe Sr. in the upcoming movie “White Boy Rick.”

And Rick, aka “White Boy Rick,” is played by  newcomer Richie Merritt, who was described last year by “White Boy Rick” director Yann Demange as “a 15-year old kid from inner city Baltimore,” according to Variety. 

The movie opens in limited release Sept. 14 and widely on Sept. 21.

Wershe, who was convicted in Detroit of cocaine trafficking in the late 1980s, was paroled last year in Michigan after nearly 30 years behind bars and sent to Florida to serve out a sentence for being part of a stolen car ring while he was behind bars there. His current release date is 2021.

McConaughey plays the dad, who in real life was not regarded as a very good guy or father.

McConaughey, who was on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”  last month, says he spent quite a few hours with Wershe when he was still behind bars in Michigan and found him to be “amazingly genuine.”

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